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10 Best Retro Style Poster in MusicPosters.Shop

Oldies Posters Retro

A retro style is a presentation form, usually emerging from the works of an artist
performed in his/her past. For example, if we want to describe the Beatles band as Retro, we can use the song "Love Me Do" they initially produced,
the clothes of that period, the cartoonish lines in the movie "Yellow Submarine",
the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour " album, and finally the maturity they reached on the album" Sgt. Peppers". If we were to open a retrospective Beatles exhibition, again this kind of old-to-new facts,
clothes, even wax sculptures would be instruments of expression of the Beatles as retro.
In this article, I would like to introduce some poster samples I have created using objects from the artists' backgrounds.
You can buy these posters, which I prepared using mostly a song's lyrics, sometimes all of a singer's songs, important lyrics, album covers, an LP label, the signatures of
the artist or band members, and concert tickets, online from my store.

Neil Young Retro Poster

Keith Richard of Rolling Stones Retro Poster which I made it 2019 

I like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. An Incredible Rock Band of 70's. Still they perform on concert and continue to record new albums. I used their best record ever "Thick as a Brick" cover and Ian's Sıgnature in this poster with splashes colors. You can buy this poster  clicking here Ian Anderson's Retro Poster

Eric Clapton's Retro Poster with his titles of famous songs.

illie Nelson, Famous country singer and songwriter of the U.S.A. I used song names  of Willie Nelson on the background and sheet of "Always on my mind" song.   You can find lot of Willie Nelson Poster in my Shop. Check Here

 designed this poster for the Irish Band U2. U2 conquered the world later.
I did this one in 2016 and became one of my best-selling posters.
U2' Retro Poster

The Beat Goes On History of Rock Music Volume 
I tried to collect many rock musicians and bands together in a frame.  From Beatles
to Woodstock, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and many more... 

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